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Autogates problem! - Question and Answer.

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Autogates problem! - Question and Answer.
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This new page is specially for questions from the customers and answer to all others who may have the same question and face the same situation.

18-09-2012 MR. Steven Chan of Damansara Heigh ask why his arm gate motors always broken into two or three parts during the last two accident where his car crushed onto the gate structure accidentally?

Answer: Normally the arm type of swing gate motor do not have a swing away type of clutch mechanism. as a result when the car accidentally crush into the gate only choice is some thing has to be broken off . unlike the 2nd generation kinds of swing gate motor, it always build in with slip-clutch for this kind of situation.

16-09-2012 Mr.Lau of Mont Kiara ask why his sliding gate runs out of track so often, some time twice in a day?

Answer: The railing or track across the road made for the sliding gate is to provide a guide line where the gate wing should move along, if the rail or track provided is filled with sand or stone then this problem will happen . so must remember to clean away all the sand or stone every two to three month periodically.

14-04-2012 Mr. Samy of Taman Sungai Besi said his arm gate got some strange kind of sound when he open or close the gate,  he wants to know where is the sound from ?
Answer : The sound may come 1) the arm gate motor, or 2) the bearing hinge of the gate.   To distinguish the source of the sound, you must unattached the arm motor from the gate and then move the gate by hand in the normal speed and see if there is sound from the bearing hinges, then test the arm motor by operating the remote control without connecting the arm to the gate, with this two test you should find which part is creating the noise.

30-03-12 Miss Sucy from Kajang said her house's arm gate was broke in last week, the intruder forced open the gate and the brackets for the mounting of the arms motor have been pulled and came out from the pillar, she wants to know how to improve on this matter?
Answer: 1) construct a steel matter pillar from the ground to support the bracket of the arm gate motor. ( do not screw the bracket onto the pillar )
                  2)  add electrical locking device to the gate so as to hold the gate leaf firmly to the ground.
                  3)  add alarm sensor to the autogate system to prevent force open.

26-03-12 Mr. Wong wants to know why his Gibidi sliding gate has to replace the main fuse every 1 or 2 months interval ?

Answer: the fuse on the computer board control the current supply to the autogate system, any over loading of the current will cost the fuse to blow off, so we have to know how much current the motor and the system is drawing from the incoming during normal operation,  and we also must remember that the motor on starting time, the current is 6 times higher than the normal current drawing. so the fuse's current ratting must be correctly rated.

06-03-2012 Mr.Sam from TMN. City wants to know how to confirm is the receiver not function or other parts problem ?

Answer: first find out the buttons connected by wire in the house is functioning.

Then check the pin code sitting of the remote transmitter is correct with the receiver setting.

3rd. send the remote transmitter to the key smith near by to change the battery and test the frenquency out put.

if all the above prove all right, then it is the receiver problem.

 25-02-2012 Mr. Mat from PJ ask what is the perpuse of the magnet at the end of the sliding gate?

Answer: the magnet at the end of the sliding gate is to provide signal to the computer to stop the motor running. with out this magnet the motor will continue to run until there is a timer to stop it operation, no magnet will shorten the life spend of the motor.

10-09-2011 Miss Susan from Cheras ask what to do with the old remote control for the autogate? She scare that people who pick up the old remote control can read out the pin code of the autogate.

Answer: Open the cover of the remote control and reset all the dip switch which select the particular private pin code. 

16-03-2011 Mr. Wong of TMN. Cahaya said that he read about an artical about  remote control pin code can detected by spy. how to avoid problem?

Answer: Yes, the remote control we use for autogate and some of the car central locking are usually the fixed code type, which means that each of us is assign to a particular pin and frequency, and there are instrument in the market which can be use to detect your private pin code and frequency during the time you operate the remote transmitter. To avoid this problem is to replace the fix code system to the rolling code system.

12-09-2010 Mr. Steven of Happy Garden said the wall buttons for control the autogate has been a connivance item for the burglar intruder to open the automatic gate and load the TV set to the car and drive alway. What can he do?

Answer: replace the push button to the key control type or pin number control type.

20-08-2010 Miss Mira from Setiawangsa ask why all the autogate also got so many problem?

Answer: There are also very good system in  the market, but it cost extra because the installer skill and the material he use must be very good quality,

also some house owner over rely on the main contractor to decide for them which system to use, and the contractor is not professional in autogate system, they normally chose a cheap system which is not good and made batter profit out of the deal,  the worse part is they might not pay the full payment to the installer, so it ends up with a cheap system and no body provide service to the system. 

17-08-2010  Mr. tan from Taman Midah ask can change his autogate to another model ?
 Answer: yes, but it  involve a lot of alteration to the gate structure, the pillar and the ground work for the wiring and mounding of the motors. and this will affect the original design of the gate structure and made the appearance of the gate and the house. no.15, Jalan Gandek, 55100  federal territory of kuala lumpur, malaysia.                               Phone: (017) 8834866

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